Walk and Talk Therapy

I have always enjoyed walking and the benefits it brings, feeling more energised, immersing myself in nature and the motivation it can bring to my days. It can be enjoyed by yourself, with the dog, a friend or in groups. When COVID appeared I took my practice online working via Zoom and the phone. I quickly began to value my walks even more to have a break from the screen and experience the fresh air.

I soon realised the opportunity to combine counselling with my walks in nature, within the social distancing guidelines.  I am able to offer Walk and Talk counselling sessions in a couple of different locations in the East Dorset countryside, both of which have been risk assessed to ensure they are safe to walk in without serious hazards.

So why Walk and Talk Therapy?

Walking side by side with your Counsellor can be a less intensive experience for some. It means you are able to think, walk and explore your situation within the calming environments of woodland or by the river. It creates a strong connection with both your Counsellor as well as nature. Because there is no use of technology (staring at a screen or having your headphones in talking on the phone), it can be a more relaxing experience, which can help your thought process more.

The walks will be held at your pace, it isn’t a race or a judgement on your physical ability. The locations all have places to sit if this is what you would prefer or take some time out. The benefits of exercising are well known and encouraged to stimulate endorphins and alleviate stress and anxiety. Fresh air is known to boost positive thinking and increase mood.

I offer to walk in all weathers, there is never bad weather, just bad clothing ! Bring your wellies and umbrella or if you don’t fancy it we can revert to Zoom or the phone. There are options for everyone. Feel free to contact me for more details on locations Contact