I am a qualified Humanistic Integrative Counsellor.  This means I draw on a number of theories including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and the Person Centered approach. Each of these theories are there to help you make sense of what is troubling you.

It is really important to feel comfortable with your therapist and see if their approach works for you.

We are all different and I like to spend time with you to agree the best approach that will suit your individual needs.

Counselling sessions are 50 minutes long. I recommend you have a weekly session which gives you time to reflect in-between.

We can review how you are getting on and you can decide when you want to finish.

I can offer long and short term counselling, depending on your needs.

I also work with Single Session Counselling which is very focussed working on a key goal in one session.

You will start to develop new ways to understand yourself and your relationships. Over time you may come to accept events in the past or be able to look at these with self compassion.  

You may become more comfortable with your self, and happier about how life is now.

It won’t all happen immediately and all our experiences are different which means we will have our own unique outcome from counselling.

Sometimes it can help to think of how you might want to feel by the end but we don’t always know what this looks like when we  start.

It was a core part of my training but I have turned to counselling at different points in my life.
Each time I felt  it helped me enormously, giving me clarity on specific situations and supported me through grief and loss.

I have a room based in Wimborne, Dorset which is easily accessible from many other Dorset towns eg Corfe Mullen, Verwood, Merley, Poole, Blandford Forum, Ringwood, Ferndown and Bournemouth.

I also offer Walk and Talk in Wimborne and Verwood.

I am able to work with clients from across the country online which offers flexibility and convenience. It works especially well for clients working from home or who have limited time.

How Can I Help?

I help my clients explore their life transitions which help them to build resilience and improve their self esteem. 

I can support you to identify and understand patterns of behaviour and where you have difficulties in communicating to enable healthier relationships.

We can work together to understand the impacts that anxiety and negative thinking have on your life and support you to find strategies that help bring more balance to your life.

I will listen to your story and support you through times of grief and loss.